St Michael & All Angels, Shalbourne, Wiltshire SN8 3QH

The schedule below may be subject to change, so please check here before you attend a service.

2 September  11am Family Service
9 September 9am

Holy Communion

16 September 4pm Holy Communion
23 September  

No service

 30 September 11am 

Cluster Holy Communion

at St Katherines's 


The Shalbourne Prayer

LORD, Thank you for the wonderful countryside in which we live. May we do nothing to despoil your handiwork, and help us to make our village a beautiful place. Increase the sense of community that binds one to another. Bless the work of our local church that it may give a sense of identity where there is none, provide refuge to those who feel threatened by anonymity, and create a place of belonging, where people know they are welcomed, remembered by name, and valued as individuals. And help us celebrate a faith that, in the Word, announces that we are forgiven and accepted, and in the Sacrament, gathered again into the life of the risen Christ. For your name's sake. Amen.

CHURCH NEWS                               

                                          CHURCH NEWS JULY 2018

 Again St Michaels has been busy saying goodbye to people in Shalbourne. Michael Long had a Thanksgiving Service with many of his rowing and city friends saying goodbye, and Iris May who died aged 93, having lived almost all her life in Shalbourne was buried with her husband Ted. Both services held a wake up in the Pavillion.

We were short of a leader for the first service of the month which is our Family Service. Martin Truran stepped up and led an excellent service for which the PCC were very grateful. Andy Thewlis has surprisingly decided to leave the Savernake Team which will put more pressure on the remaining clergy. So our own lay services will have to be arranged.

In July we have a full month of services with Clergy but in August only two services are scheduled for Shalbourne and we are encouraged to join other local Holy Communion services. On 6th August an 11am at East Grafton, and on 19th a 9.30 am at Ham 

The 9th July concert organised by the Jessen-Pikes almost filled the church and they gave a generous donation. With our adaptive lighting, wireless sound system, good parking and new heating, St Michaels is a good venue for musical and other artists.

By the time you receive this months magazine the PCC's Countryside Fun Day will be all set at Westcourt Farm and we hope for a good turnout from far and wide and the village.